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Real and personal property taxes are a significant cost of doing business. Our attorneys work closely with business owners to insure that these taxes are based on accurate valuations of the underlying business assets. Valuation of real property involves many factors, including consideration of highest and best use, development restrictions and costs, "substantial completion," tax exemptions, special taxes and assessments, capitalization rates and other factors. Our property tax assessment attorneys work with other members of the firm with expertise in matters of business planning, land use, community development, finance and banking when such issues bear on an appeal.

Our goal is to provide value to clients, which we define as the maximum savings of tax dollars at the earliest possible stage in the appeal process. Due to our many successes with property tax assessment appeals, including in the Maryland Tax Court, the firm has earned the respect of the assessors for its expertise and litigation skills. This often allows clients to avoid the need to go beyond the initial hearing to obtain relief, thereby reducing the assessment before the first tax bill is due.

Tax Litigation Services:

  • Real Property Tax Appeals
  • Personal Property Tax Appeals
  • IRS Litigation
  • United States Tax Court Litigation
  • Maryland Tax Court Trials