Combining legal scholarship and oral advocacy for over 70 years.


Collectively, Miller, Miller & Canby litigation attorneys have more than a century of trial experience and have tried hundreds of cases in a wide variety of substantive disciplines. Overall, our attorneys have briefed and argued more than two hundred appeals, addressing a broad array of legal issues -- civil and criminal -- in Maryland's state appellate courts and the Federal appellate system.

Cases typically "go up" on appeal only after having first been heard in a trial court. Unlike the trial, where disputes typically involve questions of fact, at the appellate stage cases almost always turn on issues of law. For this reason, the most successful appellate advocates combine legal scholarship with skill in the arts of written and oral advocacy.

Although many of the appeals handled by our attorneys result from cases previously tried by them, our lawyers are no strangers to engagements commenced at the appellate stage. All Miller, Miller & Canby appellate lawyers attend oral argument by first undergoing a rigorous "moot court", where the firm's most experienced advocates assist appellate counsel in framing the issues in the most positive light for clients.


  • Appeals Before All Federal and State courts in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia
  • Administrative Agency Appeals
  • Property Tax Appeals